Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We've moved!

As much as I like Blogger I found a website that lets me post things a little easier..please visit us at Garrett's World

Friday, January 4, 2008

4 months old!

Wow, where has the time gone?

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. Things have been so busy for us this time of year.

I'm working on a new post now...but here are a few pics of Mr. G to tide you over..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

10 weeks....time is going too fast!

I'm sad!

His time as a tiny little newborn is just going too fast for my liking. I want time to stop so I can savor every moment of this stage in his life, I want it to slow down so I can drink in every smile, every giggle, every sweet tender moment. I'm happy that he is growing because that means he is healthy but at the same time it's with a bittersweet outlook I have that he will soon be rolling over, sitting up, crawling, and moving on to being a big boy. My sweet little baby will grow just like his older siblings did, and he will do it too fast. When people say time goes faster the older you get, they are unfortunately all too correct. I can't believe it's almost Christmas again!

Garrett is doing great though. He had his two month appointment last week and he was 11 pounds 6 ounces, 23 inches long. His only problem is that he has sensitive skin and must be drowned in lotion several times a day. He has had a stuffy nose for the past month or so, which they are unable to really treat as he is too little for cold meds. His biggest accomplishment this month was learning to smile. Is there anything more heartwarming than seeing this little guy's eyes light up and the corners of his mouth start to turn up, then next he is all out just beaming up at you? It totally melts my heart. The best time is right before I leave for work everyday, he usually is awake and lying with daddy in bed, and he just wrinkles up his nose and starts with a ten minute smilefest! He's becoming a lot more interactive and is starting to "talk" to us. He's discovering that he has hands and has been caught trying to stick his whole fist in his mouth! I swear he is the easiest baby I've ever had. He is just so happy and content and you can tell that he just knows that he is loved!

Thanksgiving is coming up soon and for the first time ever I will be hosting it at my home. Everyone knows that cooking is low on my list of talents, somewhere like at a ranking of negative 100? So it should be interesting to say the least. Actually I'm looking forward to the challenge and to having my home filled with all of my family and creating a new memory for Garrett's first Thanksgiving. Too bad little monster doesn't get to eat any of the meal...maybe he will be able to taste the turkey or stuffing in his breastmilk.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

6 Weeks Old Already?

I can't believe my little guy is already six weeks old. He's grown so much so quickly, he really is changing daily right before my eyes. It makes me sad that it's going by so fast. Tomorrow will be my first day back to work and his first day with a new babysitter. I am not as nervous as I was the first time I left a baby, being he is my third child, but am still somewhat nervous and sad to leave him. I am sad about what I will be missing out on while I am at the office, the cute little smiles and coos. I'm scared I will miss the first time he rolls over or sits up, all the milestones. But the bills have to be paid and I am not good as a stay at home mom, I'd probably lose my mind. I will always cherish these last six weeks however. I love holding him, talking to him, singing to him when he stares up at me with those bright blue eyes. He does some of the cutest things, like when he eats, he sticks one leg straight up in the air, sometimes he kicks it around. He makes an "o" with his mouth whenever he's pooping, we call it the "poop face". He snores sometimes, he's just the cutest thing, you can't help but want to kiss him constantly. He's such a good baby too, he hardly fusses, when he does he stops as soon as you pick him up. He eats great, sleeps pretty well, although he doesn't understand that bedtime is 10 pm, not 1 am, but I'm sure he'll get the hang of it eventually. Daddy will be the one on bedtime duty anyway once I start back to work. Mike is going to be the one who will get him up and dressed and off to daycare in the mornings, for that I'm thankful! I have a hard enough time getting to work on time as it is. I am going to post the latest slideshow it covers his first four weeks. I'm a bit obsessed with taking pictures of him, I want to capture every moment because I know soon they will be gone and he will grow up so very fast.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

He's HERE!!!


Born: September 2, 2007
12:01 pm
7lbs 10oz
20 1/4 inches long

Here is the story of Garrett's birth.

Friday the 31st I went to my 38 week doctor appointment where I was informed that I was dilated to 3 centimeters and 75% effaced and my bag of waters was bulging Dr. Deffenbaugh told me she thought she'd definitely see me in labor and delivery before my next appointment the following Friday. Exciting to think but I still was a little hesitant to get my hopes up. Doc thought that if my contractions stayed for the next couple hours I might even end up there that night. I really didn't want to deliver that day as it was Alexa's birthday and she had been adamant about NOT wanting to share her birthday. I considered canceling the BBQ we had scheduled to host at our home the next day, but Mike wasn't convinced...he pointed out my due date was still two weeks away and I wasn't in labor yet. I had been contracting off and on all night and decided the next morning that although I really wasn't in the mood to deal with the BBQ, it was for Alexa and I didn't want to let her down, plus it would give me something else to focus on as I wsa feeling like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. We rolled out of bed and went to Wal-Mart and bought all the groceries and supplies for the party. Then I came home and vacuumed, cleaned like a mad woman, moved a couch (bad, I know!) and worked my butt off til 1:00 when I got in the shower to get ready to entertain guests to arrive at 2 pm.

That's when I started feeling them. The contractions were starting to form a pattern and I noticed they were starting to hurt more. I entertained the thought for a moment that MAYBE labor was starting, but we all know how that goes...everyone thinks it's starting, gets their hopes up then nope. Well the contractions strengthened over the next few hours at the party. They were starting to come about four minutes apart by 4:00 pm. I decided to go ahead and call the doc who told me to head over to the hospital since this was my 3rd baby they thought it might go fast. I get to L & D, get all hooked up and they check me. Still only 3 cm, actually she said it was a "stretch to a 3" and not any more effaced than the day before. They had me get up and walk for 45 minutes, checked me again and I had made just the tiniest bit of progress but nothing substantial. They told me they were pretty certain that I would be back tonight and that this was early labor, to go home and get some rest. I was so let down...I didn't want to go home, I wanted to have a baby NOW.

So Mike went home to sleep and I headed to the mall to walk this baby out of me and pick up some last minute stuff like a nursing bra. I headed home two hours later and sat and watched a movie and to my despair my contractions seemed to slow down and almost disappear. I started to get really upset and stomped off to bed, saying the nurses were lying to me about being in labor, they just wanted to make me feel better and that this baby wasn't coming for another two weeks, I just knew it! I would have one good strong contraction every hour that woke me up from midnight till about 2:30 am. Mike came up to bed at 3:00. All of a sudden I had one really hard contraction and I started to feel something wet... I jumped out of bed and water was streaming down my legs. I was confused for a minute trying to figure out if it was my water breaking or not. It kept coming, so I was so HAPPY and relieved that NOW it was time to definitely go to the hospital that now I was DEFINITELY in labor. It was TIME!!!

When we got to L & D I was 3 to 4 cm and 80% effaced. It was 3:30 am. I labored until 7:00 am and decided to go ahead and get the epidural as they were starting to get pretty uncomfortable. When they checked me they kept saying something didn't feel "right", that where they were supposed to feel his head, it felt "squishy." One nurse said it felt like eyes! That freaked me out as I could imagine these women were poking my little guy in his eye! They brought in the ultrasound machine to check the position of his head. He apparently was facing the correct way and was head first, but his head was not engaged and he was trying to come out face first! Whispers of c-section started to fly. They decided to give me pitocin to increase the contractions to see if it would push him down further and to see if he would move his head. I got the epidural at that point, I was at 5 cm when I got it. Sweet sweet relief. I never thought I'd be one of those moms who fell asleep during labor, but yep I was OUT like a light, especially after I got a dose of benadryl b/c the epidural made me itch. Daddy takes another opportunity to nap, which he pretty much had been doing since 6:30 am anyway. When they came in at 10:30 am to check me they said I was at a 7 and they broke the rest of my water. By 11:30 I was at a 10 and his head was where it was supposed to be..thank god as I REALLY didn't want a c-section. This is my last child and I wanted to be able to deliver him vaginally. Started pushing at 11:30 and at 12:01 he made his way into the world with hardly any noise at all. Daddy cut the cord and they laid him right onto my chest, something I'd not had done with my other two. I instantly started to cry, even though he was the third baby, it felt just as emotional as the first one. I still want to cry when I look at him. I'm overwhelmed with love for this tiny little one.

We spent two days in the hospital and came home on Wednesday Sept 4. Adjusting to having a newborn has been so much easier than I anticipated. He's a great baby, we hardly hear a peep out of him. We just can't stop staring at him, he's so sweet and wonderful and a symbol of everything in this world that is good. Daddy is VERY VERY proud and so is mommy. Big brother and sister seem to be adjusting well, the dog however seems to be a bit confused but is coming around. He is protective of the baby we've noticed, he gets upset when the baby cries and if someone comes to visit he positions himself between visitor and baby.

We are so proud to introduce our new son to the world...we know you will all love him like we do!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Birthday to big sister Alexa!

Today is Alexa's 13th birthday. I cannot believe I am the mother of a teenager now. However she is far from a typical teen and I am lucky in that aspect. She's the best daughter I could ask for, I'm very proud of the beautiful and talented young lady she's turned out to be!

And on that note, so far no baby today, so her wish has come true to NOT have to share her birthday with her new little brother!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pictures of Garrett's room

The crib is set up, just waiting for it's owner to come home and snuggle up in it!

We ended up using a different crib set than the one I bought off ebay. Mike's dad and stepmom bought us a a very precious set for my baby shower and we will use that for a while instead.